"Spa thyme" rewards

Welcome to Mint and Thyme's "Spa Thyme" Rewards Program.  You're automatically enrolled as soon as you become a client at Mint and Thyme!  Accumulating points is easy and your points never expire.   Points work as good as cash and can be redeemed towards products or services at Mint and Thyme. Check out the details below to see the different ways you can accumulate points.

For every $1 spent...20 points

For referring a client...5000

Once you've accumulated 35000 points you'll receive a $35 credit on your account.  Points can be redeemed for products or services.


  • Your points never expire.  
  • Mint and Thyme reserves the right to terminate or modify the program at any time.
  • Your points can't work for you twice as hard.  Meaning, if you purchase yourself a gift certificate you won't earn points for purchasing and redeeming it.  Did you get a gift certificate from a family member or friend?  They are the ones who earned points for that purchase.
  • May not be valid with some special offers, promos or sale items.
  • You won't earn points using third-party gift certificates...ie...SpaFinder, SpaWish, YelpDeals
  • Rewards points are not redeemable for cash.